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AJOO Industrial Co.(LUMIA) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of metallic yarn and glitter powder. Mr. B.U. Lim founded the company over 25 years ago and with his expertise the company has achieved its current status as a leader in the industry. Mr. Lim has relinquished his position as CEO, but remains active in the company as the head of product development and as an advisor to management. His son, Mr. John Lim, now heads the metalic yarn and glitter divisions as the company continues to thrive as a family operated business.

AJOO's excellent reputation for quality and on time delivery has been the cornerstone of its growth in the international market. The company is currently exporting product to over 20 countries with demand in both the US and European markets increasing at a rapid pace. During the past 2 years the factory has been redesigned with all new equipment and is now fully automated. Total production exceeds 30 tons per month and is fully compliant with the guidelines of ISO 9001.

The company's most valuable asset is its excellent staff of skilled employees, most of whom have been with AJOO since
its inception. There is a total company commitment to establish personal relationships with their customers and provide the highest quality product. Their investment in scientific research and new product development insures that AJOO Industrial Co. will continue to enjoy its position as a world leader in the textile industry.

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