*Special Feature of Glitter Powder
Solving the demerit of conventional quadrangular spangle, uniformity of particles is over 99%, ensuring excellent workbility reflexidility and high brightness.

*These products can be treated to have fireproof property so as to ensure safety against fire.
Size For Textiles For Architecture and interior Decoration For Stationery, Fancy and Others
0.001" For spray and silk dyeing,
workable at 150 mesh.
(For Binder Mixer)
  • Glitter in the form of particles can be used.
    being mixed in spray.
  • Suitable for spraying paint on the car.
  • This product can be added when producing laminated paper lacquered with bean oil or wall paper.
  • This product can be added to the commercial paint.
  • This product can be added to bathing product-washstand. bathroom, tile, etc, to manufacture new products.
  • Spray this product lightly after spraying paste in the department store or other event halls.
  • Mixing glitter with fishing material such as sillicon or special paint and you can get brilliant effect.
  • Just adding hexagonal glitter to the conventional glittering paste, glittering color paper, glittering pencil, glittering notebook, etc., will make new products.
  • Just adding this product to women's transparent manicure, will turn it into manicure with attractive color.
  • Just spraying glitter lightly at the entrance of various event halls such as night club, etc., will make good glittering effect.
  • Just adding for face painting at pro-baseball, pro-soccer, world cup, etc., rooting atmosphere will be elevated considerably.
    ex)Decorate the banner of Red Devil with glitter......
  • Use as substitute for color paper in the mosaic time at school art.
  • Just add this product to watercolor or poster color plamodel......
  • Just adding this product to watercolor or poster color at school art will create works of new atmosphere with satisfactory effect.
  • 0.004" For rotary, roller and spray
    workable at 100 mesh.
    (For Binder Mixer)
    0.006" For roller, rotary
    workable at 70 mesh.
    (For Binder Mixer)
    0.008" For auto screen, manual dyeing, piece dyeing, etc.
    workable up to 25-50mesh.
    (For Binder Mixer)
    0.01" Useful for motif in slim line.
    neat and precise work is possible in spraying.
    (For Binder Mixer, spraying)
  • Just add this product to the finishing material used for places requiring brilliance such as nightclub, salon, coffee shop, etc. then, brilliant and exquisite atmosphere will be created.
  • Just putting this product in crystal cup or glass will make an excellent interior decoration.
  • 0.012" Useful for motif in slim line. neat and precise work is possible in spraying.
    (For spraying)
    0.014" Generally, most widely-used size for spraying.
    Safe for any work.
    (For spraying)
    0.015" Generally, most widely-used size for spraying.
    Glossing effect is better than that of 1/74" by 1.5 times.
    (For spraying)
  • When making christmas card, apply paste or starch on the card first and sptay this product on that surface.
  • Spray paste on the cotton of Christmas tree. Then, spray glitter in various colors on the cotton.
  • Before presenting rose to your lover, spray paste on the rose. Then spray glitter on the rose (Wine color may be suitable.)
  • For wreath sent to wedding ceremony, spray paste. Then spray giller. (Silver or pink may be desirable.)
  • 0.023" While working on gauze with wide breadth of yan. interval, the loss of glitter is less with good. glossing effect.
    (For spraying)
    0.025" While working on basic surface such as tricot. kint metallic, high twist, gauze, the loss of glitter is less Easy for working on wide motif.
    (For spraying)
    0.03" Gloss and size is suitable to substitute the conventional spangle powder. Easy for working on the thin basic surface and wide motif.
    (For spraying)
    0.04" This size can replace the coventional spangle powder. Excellent gloss. Loss of glitter can be lessened on the thin basic surface.
    (For spraying)
  • Add glitter in large size for firecracker on birthday party, wedding ceremony, etc. New atmosphere will be made.
  • Add glitter when you draw mural painting.
  • 0.08" Large particles ensure high gloss and each particle of glitter can be highlighted with this size.
    (For spraying)
  • This product can replase decorative powder of flower for event or broadcasting.